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MSE Solutions

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Multi-Sensory Environments
A safe sensory adventure. A Multi-Sens
ory Environment is a fascinating space that encourages a relaxed exploration.

Everyone is affected by their environment. A Multi-Sensory Environment is controlable, find the right level of stimulation. The effects will often carry over outside the space and into other activities, reducing agitated behavior, stimulating conversation and acting as a reward.

The concept is widely accepted as an effective therapy for special needs populations and the staff that care for them.

Supervision and caregiver interaction are vital components of the MSE. In effective sessions, staff allow the participants to explore the environment at their own pace. Supervisors often find that they have more to un-learn than learn, a challenging and exciting prospect for the entire organization.

TFH install Multi-Sensory Environments worldwide with companies in the United States, the United Kingdom and France, and distributors in 20 other countries. We have installed over 3,000 rooms in a variety of settings including: schools, hospitals, nursing homes, developmental centers, mental health facilities, autism programs, early childhood programs, day treatment programs (for both children and adults), group homes, rehabilitation centers, hospices, and many more.


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