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"Fun and Achievement"

Hello, and welcome to TFH, I built this website and hope that you enjoy it.

I also manage the 14 employees here at TFH UK in Worcestershire and have done so since my Father retired in 2004.

Dad took over in 1990, opening TFH France and TFH USA (Where I worked for 4 years, meeting my wife in the process).

So I have a lot to be thankful for that in the summer of 1983, Douglas Garrard agreed to look after two of his grandchildren for a couple of weeks.

One child had special needs and Douglas wanted to buy some toys that would be appropriate for her. To his amazement there was no specialised resource, so as an enterprising sort of chap he set this one up.

We still feel like the small business Douglas set up, we accept returns, we answer the phone! - (in fact he hired most of our sales team), and we try our best to provide the best service to our customers.

But our focus remains our products, we have over 1,000 - they are fun, innovative and often unique, so have a browse, use our award winning
toy finder and drop us a line - we love to hear back from you about how our products are being used.

Hard at work on a photo shoot


Our founder with one of the classics.

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