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Special Needs products that support Rehabilitation, Sensory Stimulation, Inclusion, and Interaction - MSE -
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We are Canadian specialists distributing unique inclusive, interactive and multi-sensory rich products and equipment.  We seek out and bring to Canada innovative products and equipment from around the world.  Our design team works collaboratively with you to create safe sensory spaces that are calming, therapeutic, and entertaining for All Ages and All Abilities.  


The primary goal of the Multi Sensory Environment (MSE)  is to provide a stable and relaxing environment where people of All Ages and All Abilities can benefit.  This unique environment provides a break from work and therapy schedules and an opportunity to develop social skills in a safe, contained environment. 


Multi Sensory Environments:


  • *offer participants the opportunity to maximize use of their existing senses.
  • *concentrate on the participant’s strengths, not their disabilities.
  • *provide a range of stimuli that can be altered depending on the participant’s sensory needs.
  • *give participants a sense of control in being able to choose what they want to do.
  • *offer security to allow one to relax mentally and physically because the environment is perceived as being interesting, exciting, relaxing, friendly and safe. 
  • *offer the opportunity to have a rich and pleasurable sensory experience.
  • *provide staff/caregiver satisfaction. Having a child with special needs is very demanding and time consuming, and sometimes discouraging because ‘results’ are very small. Seeing a child in an entirely different environment with no expectations on the part of the caregiver but mutual enjoyment, can be very rewarding.

Client and caregiver interaction are vital components of the Multi Sensory Environment (MSE).

In effective sessions, staff facilitate the participants in exploring the environment at their own pace, promoting independence and choice. Staff often find that they have more to un-learn than learn, a challenging and exciting prospect for the entire organization. 

TFH Canada designs MultiSensory Environments in a variety of settings including: schools, hospitals, nursing homes, developmental centers, mental health facilities, autism programs, early childhood programs, day treatment programs (for both children and adults), group homes, rehabilitation centers, hospices, and many more.


TFH Canada will:

o   Support your needs for Multi-Sensory Rich Environments


o   Assist you  in determining your Overall and Specific Sensory Expectations


o   Choose modern and purposeful products / equipment that meet defined expectations and provide a total cost analysis


o    Design interactive, cause & effect, multi-sensory rich spaces (indoor / outdoors) for All Ages and All Abilities


o   Our clients include:

ü Rehabilitation Rentres

ü Long-Term Care facilities

ü Childcare Centers

ü Schools

ü Group Homes

ü Hospitals

ü Municipalities
























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