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Special Needs products that support Rehabilitation, Sensory Stimulation, Inclusion, and Interaction - about -
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Welcome to TFH Canada

Please use this site and our catalogues to stimulate your imagination, begin sensory rich programs, construct multi sensory environments (MSE)  and reinforce encouraged behaviors.  We know that there is so much that can be achieved and learned, while having fun.

We bring to Canada fantastic prices for educational and therapeutic play and learn products coupled with the extraordinary 24 years of great customer service that we take pride in! Our innovative, multi sensory rich products that promote inclusion, independence, choice are FUN FOR ALL PEOPLE.


We are the original providers of Multi Sensory Environments (MSE) and excell at design, consultation, and installation services.  Ask for a quote, we are happy to astonish you with our service, prices and after care team.


Our family friendly work environment began in the United Kingdom over 24 years ago designing products to stimulate the senses and alternative needs of people.

TFH Canada provides an amazing line of Rehabilitative, Special and Alternative Needs play and learn products!  Each person at TFH Canada has extensive work experience in the fields of education, health, recreation and rehabilitation. 

If you want catalogues, FREE of CHARGE, for meetings or internal conferences, just email or call and ask a representative.  We are always happy to oblige your needs.

TFH Canada consults with you on appropriate play and learn products, and MSE rooms or elements.  So if you are wondering how we can best meet your specific need, or just want a second opinion on a product, please ask!
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Or toll free at 1.877.509.7524 

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